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Brand Introduction



Wheelock is America the greatest piano piano maker! < < the New York times > > once commented: d Locke wheelock piano making sophisticated technology, sound sweet, is a world-class piano! Recognized and accepted by the public! Truly was a great piano maker!

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wheelock products show
  • k122
  • k86B
  • K123P
  • K123T
  • k60B
  • KM125B (Master series)
  • KM126B (Master series)
  • W1(The United States imported series)
  • W2(The United States imported series)
  • W275

wheelock special

manufacture craft

  Wheelock piano with superior craftsmanship, sweet tone, become the world's best piano brand, through the art inheritance and accumulation of more than 140 years, traditional Wheelock has a group of integrated skills of technicians, deeply influenced the piano manufacturing technology development at the same time, the skill has been to masters.
  To create an outstanding piano, limited to simply the pursuit of any single design, material or process is not enough! But mix of advantage of a kind of technology to create high-quality goods.
  Since the birth of Wheelock brand, in the process has to beauty.

The traditional craftsmanship, cultural heritage in one hundred,
we will ensure each WHEELOCK piano perfect voice
Company news

The first 2016 nujiang youth spring concert

On February 26, sponsored by the provincial youth music art association, TuanZhouWei "youth dream weavers Extraordinary splendour nu "2016 nujiang youth spring concert held in six library. Solo piano, 4 hands even play.

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